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Training on GMP training and in vitro diagnostic reagent registration process


2018-01-18 14:30


In order to further strengthen the awareness of relevant device regulations among the staff of Yili Medical Device Company, on January 17, 2018, Yili Medical Quality Department invited Mr. Wang Yi and Mr. Wen Xiaoxuan from Jinfeiying Company to give a one-day training on the GMP and in vitro diagnostic reagent registration process in the conference room on the fourth floor of Yili Group. Chen Yonghong, Vice President of the Group's Manufacturing Division, Hou Li, Executive Vice President of the Company, Chen Yulong, the person in charge of Zhongshen Company, and their backbone, as well as all employees of the medical device company, participated in the training.
The training mainly includes two items: GMP and in vitro diagnostic reagent registration process. During the training process, the method of group discussion was adopted. Through group evaluation, the team members were inspired, seriously thought, enthusiastic, actively participated, and dared to ask questions. The on-site atmosphere was lively and warm. All the staff are very grateful to the Quality Department for carefully planning such a good learning opportunity. This training has been successfully completed, and I believe that all our employees will continue to strive to improve their professional literacy and make their own contributions to the great development of the company.

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