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Let every life be brilliant after all


2018-12-20 14:29

    Let every life be brilliant after all
    Wen Lu Zhenghe
    Death is visible in an urn. The box is placed somewhere in front of us, if we look up, we can faintly see it. Like a twinkling star. we know
    Tao, this is the end, but the road from the start to the end is unknown, and no one knows how to get there, and how to enter that box.
    In high school, I used several adjectives to describe myself: shy, introverted, inferior, timid, and irritable. I hated my character from the bottom of my heart. I was afraid of socializing, being afraid of appearing in crowded places, and even afraid of playing with people in the city. I don't have my own coordinates, and I am very concerned about other people's eyes and evaluations. I often feel depressed, vulnerable, and even world-weary.
    This humble character was improved after meeting Carnegie. I fell in love with "Carnegie's Book of Success" crazily, wrote down three notebooks, and even recited these notes.
    The above confession, what I want to express is: Everyone has a weak side in their hearts, and this kind of weakness may have a positive side to your life. For me personally, there are at least three layers that are very positive. meaning of:
    The first level of meaning is that at this moment, although I occasionally have vulnerable moments, there is basically no cowardice and low self-esteem. This filled me with gratitude for my experience of the heart. I believe that now that I can work on my personality, I can overcome other difficulties in life. It is this sense of accomplishment that allows me to form a source of positive energy in my heart. Whenever I am in a difficult situation, I can draw nourishment from it and develop a deep sense of trust in myself.
    The second level of meaning, because I have witnessed the psychological journey I have gone through from cowardice and inferiority to self-esteem and bravery, I can especially understand and consider colleagues who are a little shy and inferior at work. I trust them deeply, and I am willing to spend time waiting for them to mature and become stronger slowly. I want to tell my family members that when you think about it at the customer's door, you hesitate, you dare not enter the door, and after being unreasonably rejected by the customer, you doubt whether you are suitable for sales... Dear, these feelings are not your patent. You don't have to blame yourself. We Everyone is just like you. Deep in my heart, there are weaknesses and wounds. And these psychological problems can all be solved without worrying about them.
    The third level of meaning, the long-term depression, vulnerability, and even world-weariness in the past, is very helpful to my life. Yes, I said very helpful. Because of this misanthropy, it is natural that I often think about death, or rather, suicidal tendencies. This suicidal tendency brings about the awakening of death consciousness.
    Who can say that he has never thought about the issue of death, but the boundless fear and deep despair brought about by death will make everyone naturally avoid thinking about this issue. Avoiding the issue of death to talk about life is self-deception, the spirit of Ah Q, and insensitivity. We should think deeply about the topic of death before we can live clearly.
    Neither Confucianism nor Taoism directly addresses the topic of death. Only Sakyamuni of Buddhism discussed it most directly and profoundly: after death, there are three paths, one path is reincarnation, if you do good deeds, you can still be a human being in the next life, if you do bad things, you will become a beast in the next life; The devil cannot stand up; another way is to become a Buddha and Bodhisattva through practice, surpass the six reincarnations, and obtain eternal life. For example, believers in Buddhism, who believe in reincarnation, cause and effect, and afterlife, will believe in doing no evil and doing good. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil. It’s not that there is no retribution, but the time has not come. If we don’t repay in this life, we will repay in the next life. This view of life and death has planted a moral barrier in the mind:
    Don't do evil too much, even if you don't repay it in this life, you will be required to repay it in the next life: don't lose confidence in doing good, even if it doesn't repay you in this life, it will also bless future generations.
    Obviously, when a person maintains a certain view of death, the trajectory of his life will be changed accordingly. Whether life is reincarnated, I don't know, but the visible fact is that life is born in dust, and death returns to dust. Life is just a very short phenomenon, a process, an experience. So, what is the meaning of life? What is happiness? What kind of life should we live? It is worth our consideration. Let me use an analogy to illustrate my views on life:
    Death is visible in an urn. The box is placed somewhere in front of us, so far away that we can see it as long as we look up. Like a looming, twinkling star. We clearly know that this is the end, but the road from the start to the end is unknown. No one knows how he will get there, and how he will enter that box. We walk forward with a mental flashlight with a dim light. Where the mind can see is the part that can be experienced in life. The step you take firmly is life. The wonderful thing about life is that you will never know what you are stepping on when you step on it. The more wonderful thing about life is that no matter what you step on, you will definitely enter the box that will eventually contain you. So life is far less complicated than you imagine, just step on it, this is the only mission given to us by God. Li Bai said, to be happy in life is to be happy to the fullest, don't let the golden cup be empty to the moon, I am born with talents that will be useful, and I will come back after all the money is gone. That's what I said, and it's even more heroic.
    If Nuwa is here, I really want to ask her what is the purpose of pinching people, and I want to ask her how she hopes to spend her life. It's a pity that I don't know enough, so I have to think about this problem by myself.
    In "The New World", Eckhart Toll has a description of flowers: Earth, 114 million years ago, one morning when the sun rose: the first flower in history on this planet, Blooming to welcome the sun. This was the key event that heralded the evolutionary shift in plant life, although plants had covered the planet for millions of years before that. Conditions may not have been suitable for flowers to bloom everywhere, so the first flower may wither quickly. And the blooming of flowers must have been quite rare at the time. But one day, when a critical tipping point is reached, suddenly the entire planet is filled with all kinds of colors and fragrances - if there is a caring consciousness watching there, it will be witnessed.
    Compared with the plants that gave birth to them, flowers are fleeting, refined and ethereal, and more delicate. She is like a messenger from another world, not only has a pleasant and elegant fragrance, but also brings fragrance from the spiritual world. Flowers are the form and content of the blooming of life in the plant world.
    Any form of life in any field—such as minerals, plants, animals, or human beings—can be said to be undergoing the process of blooming. What could be heavier and impenetrable than stone (the densest form of matter)? However, some rock molecules undergo some transformations in their molecular structure and become transparent crystals. Some carbon elements are transformed into diamonds through unimaginable high temperature and pressure. Most terrestrial reptiles have remained unchanged for millions of years. Some of them, however, later grew feathers and wings and became birds, defying the pull of gravity that had held them back for so long. As they evolved from reptiles to birds, they didn't become better at crawling or walking, but completely surpassed these behaviors.
    Flowers, crystals, and diamonds are the most beautiful parts of their life process. When you concentrate on this flower, a diamond, or a bird, and experience this beauty, you can awaken human beings to face up to their own depths The essence of the body—that is, the most beautiful part of the essence. No matter how small a grass is, it will also bloom a small flower, and desperately release its beauty, which is the essence of its life. No matter how ordinary a person is, a small "flower" will bloom. Desperately bloom his life.
    The meaning of life is to bloom once in the end, a brilliant little flower.
    Once this point is clarified, we can understand Dongsen's vision: "Let every life be brilliant in the end."
    You will not choose to sleep late when you are the youngest; you will not wait for instructions before acting; you will not choose to calculate gains and losses and evade responsibilities when you should be brilliant; you will not have to be between work and life. Draw a line of thought in the time, and use the subjective concept of the 8-hour work system to cut off a continuous life process.
    Sunshine, rain, dew, wind, rain, thunder, and lightning are all necessary processes for flowering. The ups and downs of life, ups and downs, ups and downs, and ups and downs, are also necessary conditions for flowering. If you avoid any element, you may miss the flowering period.
    Every life will go through the process of growth, flowering, fruiting, and apoptosis, which is the way of heaven. You must bloom, and you must desperately bloom once, otherwise, you are violating the laws of nature and the way of heaven. Some people are obsessed with a certain form of life, the so-called life. People in their 30s and 40s live a life in their seventies and eighties, taking the responsibility of life as a burden, pursuing pleasure, leisure, comfort, and The old-age life has no creativity, no fighting spirit, no fragrance of flowers, and it is dull. But I don't know that all the results are after the flower of life has bloomed, and there will be no fruit if there is no flowering; but I don't know that what you miss is the real life.
    The process of life lies in going all out, being fully present, soberly caring and experiencing every moment.
    Or tell a story to illustrate how to treat the present moment of every life process.
    My daughter is four years old. One day, in order to keep my daughter from pestering me to play, I bought her a ring toy. She also played this game for the first time. The purpose of the game is very simple, through the airflow of the two inflatable buttons, the plastic circles floating in the oily liquid inside the toy are placed one by one on the two pointed plastic pillars. I also played it when I was young, but I never played it successfully. In the last few times, it was very difficult. If the force was small, the circles could not be rushed up. If the force was too high, the circles that had been put on the pillars would rush down.
    My daughter started playing at eight o'clock in the evening, without taking her eyes off her eyes, without distractions, and without moving. There was no success until ten o'clock. Ten o'clock is the time for my daughter to go to bed. My lover asked her to go to bed, but she refused and continued to play. At twelve o'clock, it was still unsuccessful. Grandma coaxed her to sleep, and her lover dragged her to sleep, but she refused, rolling on the ground, crying, screaming, and playing. The family had no choice but to let her continue playing. It was already past her usual sleep time, and her eyes were red from the boil. So at two o'clock in the evening, he finally succeeded. The daughter was very excited on the spot. After being happy, she took a bath and went to sleep. She slept very sweetly and beautifully.
    I got home at four o'clock in the morning. When my lover told me about it, I was shocked. The next morning, I asked my daughter, was that toy fun yesterday? Ask her why she was so obsessed with success yesterday? My daughter answered my question very calmly, as if it had long passed, and she didn't see her pride and brilliance at all, and didn't care too much about my praise and affirmation of her.
    When she did this, no one paid her a salary, no one asked her, and she didn't ask for compliments, flowers, or any material rewards, let alone pride and showing off. Everything happened naturally and ended naturally. What my daughter does is to go all out when it is time to act, regardless of gains or losses.
    Babies and toddlers are closest to the truth of Dao. It is in line with the proper attitude towards the life process: go all out, fully present, sober care and experience. Cry when you should cry, make trouble when you should, laugh when you should laugh. No wonder Jin Yong's outlook on life: make a big fuss and leave quietly. How like a child.
    Do we divide life and work too clearly, this is life, and that is work? Are we drawing the line too clearly, this is my job, that's not my job? Do we calculate the benefits too clearly, I will do it if there is a benefit, and I will not do it if there is no benefit? Do we divide the time too clearly, what time is it now, this thing can be done, and that thing can not be done? Do we separate each other too clearly, what's yours and what's mine? Do we define the meaning too clearly, do meaningful things, and not do meaningless things? Do we set too many restrictive conditions by ourselves, and we will do it if we have this condition, and we will not do it if we don’t have this condition ?
    The awakening of death awareness can allow us to let go of our attachments and prejudices. Life is so short, how can we have time to complain, worry about gains and losses, and touch the elephants of the blind? We should go all out to experience every second of life, and we should work hard Make life bloom, let every moment of life be as gorgeous as summer flowers!
    I believe in myself
    Life is like a bright summer flower
    Undefeated, flirtatious like a flower
    bear the burden of heartbeat and the burden of breathing
    Have fun
    I believe in myself
    Die like a quiet autumn leaf
    Not prosperous or chaotic, with a posture like smoke
    Timely withering also retains the pride of enriching muscles and clearing bones
    Xuan Zhi Xuan
    Please look at the hairpin on my head
    Blooming all the way
    frequently miss some
    And deeply touched by wind, frost, snow and rain
    Prajna paramita. One by one
    Live like summer flowers, die like autumn leaves
    still care about what to have
    life, time and time again
    frivolous and tireless

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