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Five basic points that must be paid attention to in medical device marketing


2019-10-14 14:56

Five basic points that must be paid attention to in medical device marketing
1、 Create a good marketing atmosphere
Unlike drugs, medical devices cannot display their due value if displayed on the counter. And thus unable to generate profits. Therefore, to sell medical devices, it is necessary to create a good sales atmosphere in the store and make the medical devices move. For example, the health massage chair is powered on; Fill the foot wash basin with clean water and energize it to let the water heat up. In this way, customers can intuitively see the functions of the medical device, giving them an intuitive impression, either sitting in a massage chair to experience, or asking about the functions and use methods of the foot wash basin, bringing potential consumption opportunities.
2、 Give customers a free experience
The price of medical devices is relatively high, and there is a process for customers to accept them. Therefore, it is necessary to provide customers with experience and free trials to make them feel the benefits of medical devices. For example, electronic blood pressure meters and blood glucose meters can monitor their own blood pressure and blood sugar at any time, which is conducive to rational medication; The oxygen generator can bring fresh oxygen, allowing you to breathe freely and have a clear mind; Hearing aids can enhance communication and facilitate communication. After customers try them out, they have a personal experience. Closing a deal is only a matter of time.
3、 Must have good professional knowledge and a warm service attitude
Some customers like to shop around and very much like to ask questions about why. Therefore, in the selection of shop assistants at the device counter, it is necessary to select someone who has medical and device knowledge, can professionally answer customers' questions, and at the same time, should never tire of maintaining a warm and smiling service to provide customers with affinity.
4、 Increase purchase and gift activities
Customers who buy things at a drugstore hope that the drugstore will have similar activities. After all, economic benefits are recognized by everyone. For example, buying a blood glucose meter to send blood glucose test paper, buying a blood pressure meter to send a thermometer, buying an oxygen generator to send a soybean milk machine and other buy and give promotions will also impress elderly customers and boost their purchase. Therefore, pharmacies can contact manufacturers and suppliers to obtain their support, obtain corresponding gifts, and coordinate sales activities.
5、 Considerate after-sales service
When purchasing medical devices, the concern is the quality of after-sales service. Therefore, shop assistants should also inform customers of the after-sales service commitments of the store and its suppliers during the sales process, so that customers can take reassurance and increase the probability of transaction. In addition, for large items such as oxygen generators, massage chairs, and physiotherapy beds, pharmacies should provide door-to-door delivery services to make customers feel attentive.

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