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90% of public health articles have qualified disinfection effect


2020-04-01 14:55

Consumers often go to hotels for lodging, cultural and entertainment venues for tea, and women who love beauty often go to hairdressers to change their fashionable hairstyles. In these public places, how about the disinfection of bedding, wine glasses, hairdressing tools, towels, and other supplies used by consumers? Recently, the reporter learned from the District Center for Disease Control and Prevention that according to the sampling results in the first quarter, the qualified rate of disinfection efficacy of public goods and appliances was 90.98%.
It is understood that from January to March this year, the Wanzhou District Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Health Supervision Institute carried out regular hygiene sampling monitoring on the indoor environmental hygiene status of public places in urban areas, as well as the hygiene status of public health supplies and appliances. A total of 196 public place operating units were monitored, including 99 hotels, 25 cultural and entertainment venues, 55 hairdressing and beauty shops, 13 public bathrooms, 2 shopping malls and bookstores, and 2 restaurants.
The monitoring results showed that 623 items of indoor environmental hygiene indicators were monitored and 516 items were qualified, with a qualified rate of 82.83%; 743 pieces of public health appliances were randomly inspected, and 676 pieces passed the disinfection effect, with a qualified disinfection effect rate of 90.98%.

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