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Automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument


2020-11-03 16:22

Emagpure-32 nucleic acid extraction instrument is our company's latest fully automatic extraction and purification system for DNA/RNA, protein, and cells. Through the adsorption, transfer, and release of magnetic beads on magnetic rods and magnetic rod sleeves, it realizes the transfer of magnetic beads/samples, and completes automated extraction and purification operations. The operation is automated, fast, and simple. Using a special reagent kit or 96 hole deep hole plate, 1 to 32 samples can be operated simultaneously. With different types of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can extract samples of animal and plant tissues, blood, and body fluids.                  
[Scope of application]
It is widely used in conventional scientific research, genomics, food safety, disease diagnosis, forensic identification, and other fields.
To use this instrument, you only need to add samples and magnetic bead method fully automated nucleic acid extraction reagents to a 96 well plate, select or edit the appropriate program, and then execute. With different types of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can quickly extract DNA and RNA from animal and plant tissues, blood, body fluids, criminal samples, and other samples.
[Product Features]
Humanized operation - Chinese and English interface operation, easy to use
Stable operation - touch screen and 3 shortcut keys operation, and external mouse access. The program has powerful editing functions 
Heating function - realizing cracking heating and elution heating 
Self sterilization - with ultraviolet sterilization function to reduce the probability of laboratory contamination 
Stable operation - the instrument operates quietly, and the entire machine is free of vibration
Safe and reliable - fully automated reagents with disposable consumables reduce operator exposure to harmful reagents 
Fast extraction - short operation time, 30~60 minutes/time 
High quality consumables - Select high-quality materials and processes, with low magnetic bead loss and high yield
Network control - Extensible Ethernet remote control, wireless WiFi function 
APP software - Android tablet, mobile phone monitoring system

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