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Focus on the Service Trade Fair | The 6th Africa Theme Day Forum of the Service Trade Fair Held


2021-09-05 14:00

    The "2021 China International Trade in Services Fair 6th Africa Theme Day Forum" hosted by the China-Africa Industrial Cooperation and Development Forum was held at the Beijing National Convention Center on the 4th.

      Since the establishment of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation 20 years ago, China and Africa have successively formulated and implemented the "Ten Major Cooperation Plans" and "Eight Actions". The trade volume between the two sides has increased by 20 times, and China's direct investment in Africa has increased by 100 times. China-Africa cooperation has become a model of South-South cooperation.

      Ambassador Xu Jinghu, Special Representative of the Chinese Government on African Affairs, said in his speech that facing the new situation, new needs, and new opportunities of China-Africa cooperation, China and Africa should base themselves on reality, keep pace with the times, innovate ideas, solve problems, and actively expand and strengthen cooperation New ways, new content, new methods. We are willing to work together with the African side to further deepen the docking of development strategies, improve the level of China-Africa trade facilitation, promote more high-quality African products and services to enter the Chinese market, strengthen the connectivity of the industrial chain and supply chain of the two sides, and cultivate a large China-Africa market. We are willing to seize the opportunity of the accelerated development of global digital technology, hold more online promotion activities for African products, and deepen the cooperation between the two sides in finance, e-commerce, culture and education, logistics and communication, social services, health care, tourism, etc. through technology transformation and experience sharing. Cooperation in various fields to tap the development potential of China-Africa trade in services. We are willing to strongly support the construction of the African Continental Free Trade Area, and discuss with the African side the feasibility of China-Africa free trade cooperation, so that more cooperation results can better benefit the African people, and jointly create a brighter future for China-Africa cooperation.

      Cheng Zhigang, secretary-general of the China-Africa Industrial Cooperation and Development Forum, said that in 2021, the African economy will usher in a rare recovery amidst multiple uncertainties. With the launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area, Africa's service economy will bring new opportunities for development, and the African Continental Free Trade Area will open up in the fields of infrastructure, business services, tourism, banking and insurance. The rise of the African service industry will drive the economic expansion of many African countries, and the single structural problem that has plagued the African economy is being improved to a certain extent. Africa's service industry plays an important role in promoting economic growth, absorbing employment and promoting diversified exports. In 2021, the economic growth rate of the African continent will be around 3.2%. Regardless of the impact of the epidemic, Africa still faces opportunities for economic recovery. First, many African countries are planning economic recovery plans; second, many countries in the world are strengthening economic cooperation with Africa; third, the African Free Trade Area has brought new opportunities for African industry and trade development and employment growth. In 2021, China-Africa relations will continue to develop strongly, and China-Africa economic and trade cooperation will release new vitality. In recent years, more and more African products have entered the Chinese market, and coffee, red wine, dried fruit, etc. are loved by Chinese consumers.

      Since its establishment 13 years ago, the China-Africa Industrial Cooperation and Development Forum has been invited to host the China International Fair for Trade in Services Africa Theme Day Forum and the African Pavilion activities for 6 consecutive years. A total of nearly 10,000 people attended the forum conference, and successively promoted more than 500 Chinese companies to invest and trade in Africa cooperate.

      Rwanda's ranking in the World Bank's Doing Business report has improved significantly thanks to strong structural reforms and reforms to encourage private investment and strengthen the regulatory environment, according to the Rwandan ambassador to China. Rwanda is currently ranked second in Africa and first in East Africa. In addition, the tax incentives provided by the Rwandan government to encourage foreign direct investment, the tax system, and security guarantees provide a favorable environment for Chinese investors. It is a great pleasure to be able to participate in this service trade fair, because the service industry is one of the areas where we look forward to strengthening cooperation with China. Increased trade in services will lead to increased trade in goods, allowing more Rwandan and African products to enter global markets, including the Chinese market. Rwanda produces high-quality agricultural products, including coffee, tea and dried chilies, and was recently granted access to the Chinese market. Hope to cooperate with Chinese investors to modernize the agricultural sector and expand production to meet the huge demand of the Chinese market.

      Somalia's ambassador to China said that Somalia is particularly rich in wind and solar energy resources and is one of the countries with the highest daily average solar radiation in the world. In terms of wind power generation, the wind speed in half of the country is greater than 6 meters per second, which is very beneficial to the production of electric energy. According to an analysis by the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Somalia has the greatest potential for onshore wind power generation of any African country. Chinese enterprises have accumulated rich experience and mature technology in technology development and utilization. Therefore, it is hoped that through technology transfer, financial services, etc., the service trade will be used to build a new clean energy system with China, and solve the shortage of power supply and bottlenecks encountered in technology and finance.

      Lin Zuoming, member of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and chairman of the China Aeronautical Society, said that in the field of aviation construction, China is also actively strengthening cooperation with Africa, including airport construction, branch line development, aviation services, etc. In the future, expanding general aviation development in Africa can greatly improve The development of commuter transport and logistics in Africa to facilitate the growing African trade needs.

      Song Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the China-Africa Development Fund, said that a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation has emerged, providing new opportunities for the recovery and development of the global economy. Conform to the trend of development, focus on Africa's concerns, increase China-Africa investment and cooperation in areas such as agriculture and people's livelihood, medical care and health, and resumption of work and production. Continuous development provides new impetus. The China-Africa Development Fund will also continue to give play to its advantages, guide more Chinese companies to invest in Africa, and make new contributions to promoting economic development and improving people's livelihood in African countries, and assisting China and Africa in jointly building the "Belt and Road".

      The Algerian Commercial Counselor in China said that Algeria and China have a long-term friendship and partnership. Algeria welcomes Chinese companies to invest in unlimited fields and carry out fruitful and lasting business activities. The Algerian Embassy in China will provide assistance and support.

      The Commercial Counselor of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in China introduced the basic situation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since 2002, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has adopted new investment guidelines aimed at promoting and ensuring investment, as well as other legal texts aimed at promoting business development. The Investment Law establishes absolute equal treatment for all domestic and foreign investors and simplifies the approval process, resulting in tariff and tax incentives.

      At the final signing ceremony, the China-Africa Industrial Cooperation Development Forum and the First Bank of Nigeria signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The Governor of First Bank of Nigeria congratulated via video.

      Chen Wei, Chairman of Jiangsu Qiaohai General Aviation Group Co., Ltd., Yang Xuhong, Chairman of Wuhan Changxing Group, Lai Siqing, Director of Nigeria Lekki Free Trade Zone, Deputy General Manager of China-Africa Lekki Investment Co., Ltd., Director of Hunan Guohao Holding Group Co., Ltd. Changjing Jiguo and Lu Zhenghe, general manager of Jiangxi Karma Medical Devices Co., Ltd., participated in the summit entrepreneur dialogue.


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