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Expectations for subsidiary general ledger accounting


2021-12-02 13:35

1、 Have a sense of mission
When this company is handed over to you, you should have the mission of coordinating with the head of the business department to run the company well.
2、 Must have a height
You are a team member of the sub business unit and one of the decision makers. "We should be forward-looking, plan for the future of the company, and actively contribute ideas and suggestions. We should not only provide data for decision-making, but also provide suggestions for decision-making.".
3、 Be self demanding
A person, whether they want to grow or not, is no one can help you, only on their own. There are many girls here, so don't use words like "I just want to be stable" or "I just want to live a simple life" to paralyze myself. Each of us is, first of all, an independent individual, and each of us is, first of all, an individual. As a person, we must have our own pursuits. This pursuit is not the pursuit of promotion or wealth, but the pursuit of rationality and value creation. Rationality is to understand the principles of the world, and value creation is to contribute to the world.
As financial personnel, we must understand and understand the work at hand. This is the basic requirement of rationality and our basic requirement as human beings. "Donkeys also pull mills, and people also pull mills. The difference is that people know why they pull mills, which is clear reason.". Without reason, there is no difference between humans and animals. Therefore, each of us should have self requirements, require clarity, and require refinement.
4、 Have a sense of responsibility
Always imagine what I would do and how I should do if the company were mine. You can choose to portray yourself as a migrant worker, or you can choose to portray yourself as a master. Your choice is your life.
As the saying goes, life is made by oneself, and blessings are sought from oneself. This is the truth of self selection. Your choices create you, and choice is life.
If Communists do not regard themselves as the masters of the country, will they shed their blood? Can countries with accumulated poverty and weakness stand up, become rich, and become strong? When Communists shoulder the mission and responsibility of the country on themselves, does anyone ask them? Did anyone tell them? Do they get paid?
Therefore, responsibility is a quality that is related to your choice, not to salary. You can accomplish as much as you can shoulder responsibility. Positions and benefits are reserved for those who can bear responsibility.

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