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Disposable oxygen tube (humidifying bottle type)

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【Applicable departments】

Intensive care unit (ICU), operation room, neonatal room, hemodialysis room, endoscopy diagnosis and treatment center (room), disinfection and supply center, and other departments。

【Product features】

1.Contains no antimicrobial agents
2.Plasticizer free
3.Price is low by 20%


Product advantage VS core interests

Product features

Clinical significance

Hospital benefit

Benefit of partners

Contains no antimicrobial agents

Irradiation sterilization of cobalt 60 for finished products

No adverse reactions occur during oxygen inhalation

· It will not cause medical disputes
· Safety accidents are not easy to happen

· Adopt products meeting the requirements of laws and regulations to avoid responsibility
· The patient will not be complained of adverse reactions

· It won't be kicked out of the hospital directly because of the accident
· Business can be safe and sustainable

· It's very good for winning the bid
· In sale products are not easily replaced by competitors

Plasticizer free

The bottle is made of PET material

Use and safety of special patients
For example, newborns, prepubertal men, pregnant women and lactating women

Tiny bubbles when inhaling oxygen

Medical staff and patients and their families can clearly determine whether oxygen inhalation, to ensure safe treatment of patients

Avoid patient complaints and charge more hospital fees

【Investment Hotline】

Southern China, Southwest District Manager: Ms. LV 13766377950
Manager of North China and Northwest China: Mr. Hu 13755667158
Manager of East China and Northeast China: Mr. Xu13767964634

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