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HLA-B27 genotyping kit

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  HLA-B27 gene is polymorphic. It is a group of genes composed of a variety of subtypes, and there are some differences in the nucleotide sequences of each subtype. Since the first report of the association between HLA-B27 and AS in 1973, it has been confirmed that B27 plays an important role in the pathogenesis of SpA.
  A large number of clinical studies have demonstrated that the positive rate of SpA in patients with HLA-B27  increased significantly, but the disease carrying rate of HLA-B27 is not exactly the same, about 90% more than 95% AS HLA-B27 positive patients with reactive arthritis, 60% - 80% (ReA), 80% juvenile spondyloarthritis (JSpA), 50% with spinal joint involvement or psoriasis enteropathy associated arthritis patients were positive for HLA-B27. HLA-B27 positive individuals were 100 times more likely to suffer from SpA than those with negative results.
  In Chinese Han population, HLA-B*2705 and HLA-B*2704 constitute the dominant subtype of HLA-B*27, and the remaining B*2707, 2702, 27062715271127222708 and so on. It was found that B2704, B2705 and B*2702 were highly correlated with AS, while B*2706 and B*2709 were considered to be poor or protective against AS.
  SpA this kind of disease onset mostly slow and occult, when imaging traces appear at time of diagnosis, the patient has developed to the late stage of disease, morbidity and high quality of life is low, so the clinical detection of HLA-B27 gene for the diagnosis of patients with suspected.
  HLA-B27 genotyping assay kit by polymerase chain reaction sequence specific primers (sequence specific primer, PCR-SSP) of human leukocyte antigen HLA-B*2704, allele HLA-B*2705/07 qualitative detection of whole blood samples, which can provide reference for the diagnosis and treatment of SpA.


Product parameter

【Product specification】:For 12 / box, 24 copies, 48 copies / box / box, 96 people
【Registration number】:National mechanical annotation20173400934
【Product composition】:
A:HLA-B27 primer plate: B27 specific dry primers, each of which contains 6 Kong Te specific primers. Each hole in addition to specific primers still exist in the internal quality control primer。
B:ConcentratedNTP-Buffer:Include 200mM dNTP , 3.5mM Mg2+, 500 mM KCl, 100 mM Tris-HCl,1% Triton X-100 Wait。

Package specification component

12 copies / box

24 copies / box

48 copies / box

96 copies / box

A. HLA-B27 Primer plate
12 person / board

1 Board

2 Board

4 Board

8 block

B. Concentrate dNTP-Buffer
510 μl/support

1 support


4 support


【Clinical performance evaluation】:1040 cases of human DNA gene by gene sequencing samples, including 331 cases of HLA-B*27 positive specimens, 709 cases of negative samples, the experimental results: sensitivity 100%, specificity 100%, crude agreement 100%, Youden index was 1。

【Investment Hotline】:
Southern China District Manager: Mr. Fu 18070085321
Mr. Liu, manager of China North District 15397915045
Southwest District Manager: Mr. Li13970835557
Manager of central China District: Mr. Lu18779616181

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