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Automatic nucleic acid extractor

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  Emagpure-32 nucleic acid extraction is the company's new automatic system for extraction and purification of DNA/RNA, proteins and cells, and by magnetic adsorption, rod sleeve transfer and release beads, beads transfer / sample extraction and purification, complete automatic operation. The operation is automatic, fast and simple, and 1~32 samples can be operated simultaneously by using special reagent kit or 96 hole deep hole plate. Different kinds of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents can be used to extract tissues, blood, body fluids and other samples.

【Applicable scope】

  It is widely used in routine research, genomics, food safety, disease diagnosis, forensic identification and other fields.
This instrument only needs to add sample and magnetic bead automatic nucleic acid extraction reagent in 96 Kong Banzhong, select or edit appropriate procedures can be executed. Different kinds of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents can rapidly extract DNA and RNA from animal and plant tissues, blood, body fluids, criminal samples and other samples.

【Product features】

User-friendly operation ---- Chinese and English interface operation, easy to use
Stable operation, touch screen and 3 shortcut keys, and an external mouse program has powerful editing functions.
Heating function: realizing cracking heating and elution - heating
Self - sterilization with ultraviolet sterilization function, reduce the probability of laboratory pollution
The operation is stable ---- the instrument runs quietly and the whole machine has no vibration
Safe and reliable, fully automatic reagent collocation disposable supplies, reduce operator exposure to harmful agents.
Rapid extraction, short operation time, 30~60 minutes / time.
The high-quality supplies -- selection of high-quality materials and technology, magnetic low loss, high yield.
Network control -- scalable Ethernet Remote control, wireless WiFi function.
APP software -- Android Tablet PC, mobile phone monitoring system       

【Basic parameters and product performance】



Magnetic bead method

Sample flux


Treatment volume


Orifice type

96 hole deep hole plate

Bar number


Magnetic bead recovery


Purification hole difference



The heating module can be selected to realize the heating and elution heating (room temperature to +70 C)

Shock mixing

Multi mode and multi file adjustable

Reagent type

Magnetic beads open platform

Extraction time

30-60 minutes / time (determined by the reagent used)

Operation interface

Full Chinese screen color LCD + touch control

Internal procedure

The machine preset 8 sets of programs, you can store 100 groups of programs

Program management

New, edit, delete, mode program

Instrument extension interface

4 standard USB, Ethernet port


Ultraviolet disinfection


Fan exhaust

Data storage

Can be stored, built in SD card

Maximum input power


Outline size (D x W x H)


Weight (kg)


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