Microbiological treatment and preservation reagent - detection of intestinal parasites

Large sample size, with egg gathering effect, reducing ball crying interference, and improving detection rate

Dandruff curet

Bionic design of concave and convex blades ◆ Single use to avoid cross infection ◆ Satisfy the scraping of different parts of dandruff

Cutting protective sleeve

◆ Effectively increase the expansion force of the outer ring and the insertion ring ◆ Protect the incision from damage and reduce incision infection

Humidifying bottle

PET material, safer, plasticizer free

Liquid based cell preservation solution

The liquid based cell preservation solution is mainly composed of ethanol, distilled water, acetone, polyethylene glycol, glycerol, trimethylolaminomethane, dithiothreitol, and other components to retain intact cells for diagnosis.

Liquid based cell and microbial treatment preservation reagents - parasite detection

Liquid based cell and microbial treatment and preservation reagents mainly consist of cell preservation solution, cell lysis solution, extraction solution, diluent, digestive enzymes, preservatives, and necessary cell loading or production equipment.

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