HLA-B27 Genotyping Kit

HLA-B27 gene has polymorphism, which is a collective term for a group of genes composed of multiple subtypes. The nucleotide sequences of each subtype have individual site differences. Since the association between HLA-B27 and AS was first reported in 1973, it has been confirmed that B27 plays an important role in the pathogenesis of SpA.

Novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV) nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescence probe method)

Based on real-time fluorescent RT-PCR technology, the ORF1ab gene and the conserved region of the N gene of 2019 nCoV were selected as amplification target regions, and specific primers and Taqman probes were designed. Qualitative detection of 2019 nCoV was performed through one-step real-time fluorescent RT-PCR system amplification.

Novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV) antibody detection kit (colloidal gold method)

This product applies the immunologic principle of double antigen sandwich detection of antibodies. The 2019-nCoV antibody in the sample is mixed with the 2019-nCoV recombinant antigen labeled with colloidal gold and the 2019-nCoV coated on the NC membrane detection line during the flow process

Disposable laparoscopic puncture device

Advanced reverse screw design: anti slip and fixation, excellent air tightness effect, Pisces fin notch guidance: small trauma, clear puncture direction, and rapid access to the surgical site

Multi-channel single hole laparoscopic surgical puncture device

The channel has good sealing performance, the connection method between the flexible cover and the channel pipe is simple, and the connection operation is convenient and fast

Liquid based fluorescence staining for detection of fungi

Fungal vaginitis is caused by fungal infections and is one of the most common gynecological inflammation. 80% - 90% of fungal vaginitis is caused by Candida albicans infection. The main clinical symptoms are abnormal pain and itching in the vulva, an increase in leucorrhea, and typical leucorrhea presenting a large amount of tofu residue or curdled milk, with a slight odor, and repeated attacks, which seriously affect the physical and mental health and quality of life of patients.

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