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Campus Recruiting

Campus Recruiting

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Recruitment Information

  Jiangxi karma Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2011, is a set of medical equipment, diagnostic reagents and other products R & D, production and sales as one of the sale of the company; the company has a young, professional team, and Bachelor degree or above accounted for 76% of the total number, medical personnel accounted for educational background the total number of 52%; as the company continues to grow, we are now looking for the medical industry related personnel。

Post the name Functional categories Recruitment number Working place Release time
Sales representative (outside jiangxi province) The sales department 50 National (overseas and provincial offices) 2017/10/17
Medical test Technical support 10 Nanchang high-tech zone 2017/10/17 
Intern (production post) Production department 10 Nanchang luo family collection 2017/10/17 
Intern (internal duty) Functional department 10 Nanchang high-tech zone 2017/10/17 
Research assistant Research and development department 5 Nanchang high-tech zone 2017/10/17 

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